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Onder is a Turkey-based photographer / traveler born in 1965 who through unique perspectives. He has visited many countries and cities around the world. Although he was educated in Science and Engineering, his interest in photography began in the 1980s. Having a basic knowledge of the darkroom of analog photography, in 1997 he switched to digital photography. 


He received technical training from different masters. He participated in various local and foreign workshops. He improved his knowledge and experience. He realized that development and progress would last forever. After engineering education. He has a bachelor's degree in Photography and Camera Operation at the Open Education Faculty at Anadolu University. Knowing the general rules and patterns of photography, he wanted to create his own style without being bound to them. Being influenced by many subjects, he prefers the subjects of "colors, geometric patterns, architectural structures, portraits, people, nature, travel, fixed or mobile - far or near objects, documentaries". In recent years, he focused much more on Minimal Urban content.


He opened his first group exhibition in 2015. Others followed. In 2017, He renewed its web and social media pages broadcasts and updated its contents. As of 2018, he started to support some social responsibility projects. He is still a member of local and foreign associations and communities related to photography. He continues his journey in the world of photography with the excitement and passion of the first day.


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